All Blushed up using blushup !

So I am one of those girls who absolutely loves buying makeup but never able to do it perfectly myself. Don’t we all want that perfect look for our night outs and sunny brunch days. And then I just got lucky one day (Thank god for instagram !) I stumbled upon this Pastel pink icon-ed page called Blushup, (Sucha a cute name ! ) I was curious to see what the page was about , I was assuming it to be another beauty blog but I was surprised when read into it .

So in this era of technology where everything is an app download and a click away, be it food or cabs how could the beauty industry stay behind in the game. This company called blushup is exactly that, that one click to booking your professional makeup appointment at the leading brands like Dior, Chanel, Bobbi Brown , Charlotte Tilbury, Lancome, Nars, Mac and many more . I was amazed by the ease at which I was able to get a professional makeup artist at my favourite brands, at my preferred location do my makeup without having to go through the hassle of waiting & finding the right makeup artists in NYC and then not knowing what brands and products would be used. Looking at this concept from a marketers and a beauty enthusiasts lens , this idea is genius keeping  customers digitally connected to their local beauty retailers, much like Open Table keeps customers connected to restaurants.

More than just a booking technology, blushup is trying to build a community of women who love in-store beauty services and can share reviews and ratings of all beauty counters with each other.  So go get the perfect makeup look for your date night. Get all blushed up using Blushup !

Sharing some of my pictures from the look created by the artists at the Dior Saks Fifth Avenue counter. I was extremely happy by how it turned out and I received so many compliments for it. It was the perfect day look. Blushup has definitely become my go to apps to get ready for any occasion and I don’t think I am getting over it anytime soon.

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